Luxury Apartments 250sqm, World Trade Center Nanjing, Hexi CBD, China

Redesign-concept & soft decoration for chinese 3-generations family. The concept 'Nature & Art & Fashion' consists of turning an existing simple space into an elegant and fashionable apartment. Explicit and precious traditional art crafts in combination with functional conceived modernity are expressing the ambiance of prestigious understatement. The playful arrangement of colors, materials, motifs and objects are creating a well defined story in order to underline the individuality of each space. The delicate use of the elements coming from nature, art and fashion are creating a home feeling, which expresses a high level of lifestyle quality. Realized January 2014.

Developer : F&T Group New York/Shanghai & J.P. Morgan Hong Kong, China. Architect: Gensler Construction and Consultancy Shanghai Company. Original interior design: Architects Antonio Citterio, Italy and Li Wei Ming, Taiwan. 


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